Saturday, March 7, 2009

Unique Economy?

As I was speaking the other day to some students at TISOH (The International School of Hospitality) I found myself in a pickle. Do you talk about what everyone else is talking about regarding how "Bad" the economy is or do you give hope. I chose the hope way. You see I really believe that we are in a very "Unique Economy".. What you make of it is up to you.. Yes, people are hurting and yes, people are losing their jobs, but some people are doing well or doing just fine... You see, I recently lost my job and everyone was wishing me good luck, in a "I hope you find something in this BAD economy" kind of luck. Will I did find many jobs open and I started one of them after taking sometime off (1) month later. There are jobs out there for individuals, you just need to be willing to work them. I also found during my break, that it is all about the networking you have done for years. It is truly all about who you know to get in... So I challenge you to start networking.... So going back to my pickle, we talked about the "Unique Economy" and how we can get out of the mind set that all is bad. Mind over Matter.. Just a thought of the day here in fabulous Las Vegas.

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